Can't Install Picked Acoustic

Josh C
Josh C Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Hey all,

So yesterday I upgraded from Komplete 10 to Komplete 14 and everything installed fine with the exception of Picked Acoustic and Ozone 10. I have an older version of Ozone so maybe that's why Ozone won't install? But I can't understand why all of the other guitar samplers installed with no issue, and I've never owned a past version of picked acoustic. Thoughts?

'Download failed'

Downloading Session Guitarist - Picked Acoustic failed: Unknown error



  • insectroyalty
    insectroyalty Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
    edited December 2023

    Having same issue with picked acoustic, everything else installed. Using Native Access 3.8.0 on Mac.

  • TomT
    TomT Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Same problem here with Picked Acoustic, Windows 11. NI's download file is is corrupted and can't be installed either automatically or manually. Please fix asap.

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