Komplete kontrol MK1 S88 does not work with Mac studio Max M2

Hi everyone, I can't solve a problem but maybe you could: I just purchased a Mac Studio Max M2 which I use with Komplete Kontrol MK 1 S 88 with software2.9.6. The Mac is also connected to a MIDI interface (MOTU MTP AV) to which some Expanders are connected. If I disconnect the USB cable from the Komplete Kontrol S 88 MK1 to the Mac, I can send all the MIDI messages from the keyboard to the Expanders as they are connected directly to the MIDI cables but if I reconnect the USB cable from the Komplete Kontrol S 88 to the Mac I can no longer drive standalone Nothing. Before with the old computer I could do it. What happened and how can I make everything work as before with the new computer? Obviously I have already given Full Access to the disk and lowered the security level on the Mac.

Thank you. Angelo

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  • Angelo Spizzichino
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    Thank you very much, but I managed to understand the cause of the problem: it is the driver of the Midi interface that does not receive on the midi channel set by me. Thanks again.


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