looking to re-create this clicky ambient drum sound

alienbeatpoet Member Posts: 1 Member

hello all, i’m a bit new to using drum machines (software or hardware) so please forgive if this is a painfully simple question, but i’m looking to recreate a specific drum sound in Battery 4. it’s an ambient kind of ‘clicky’ sound that i am 99% certain was made using either (or likely a combo, based on an interview about their gear) of the 808 and 909:

(starting around the 2:00 mark) worriedaboutsatan.bandcamp[dot]com/track/i-am-a-crooked-man

(starting around the 2:20 mark) worriedaboutsatan.bandcamp[dot]com/track/history-is-made-at-night

is this just a matter of gated drum sounds, setting the volume envelope decay super short? or are these special samples? any tips?

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