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Gianni D
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Can anyone tell me if the latest Komplete Kontrol update (3.1.0) works fine on a 2015 Macbook Pro 13 (Intel i5 dual core) running MacOS 12 (latest update)?


  • nightjar
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    Komplete Kontrol 3.1.0 supports macOS 12 Montery, which is the highest version of macOS for your 2015 MacBook Pro.

    So KK 3.1.0 itself should run as intended. However, you may have other software in your existing projects that work better with KK 2.9,6.

    KK3 is a major technology rebuild of this product, and some features found in KK2 have not yet been part of the rebuild, and some design choices affecting workflow have changed in ways what some people do not prefer, but some people do.. it's a personal thing.

    So... if you decide to try KK3.. be prepared for some adjustment.. give it some assessment and see what you think.

    If you aren't happy, you can revert back to KK 2.9.6 using a direct link to an installer rather than Native Access.

  • Gianni D
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    Hi, thanks for your comment.

    The point is this: I had upgraded to version 3.0.0 but it was giving me a lot of problems, and I'm not talking about "workflow" but actually stability problems (crashes and various slowdowns) and I had to go back to 2.9.6.

    Same thing happened with Kontakt 7, then resolved with subsequent updates.

    In the end I think I'll upgrade to try it myself, but I was wondering if there was anyone in the same situation as me so I can avoid upgrading and then downgrading in case 😅

  • nightjar
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    Well.. hard for anyone to know for sure how their experience might compare to yours..

    But if you only tried KK version 3.0.0.. there have been some good fixes since then.

    There is a KK thread that show the latest info on each release, and version 3.0.2 in particular had some fixes for issues that might have been a problem for you.

    Here are the notes from 3.0.2:

    3.0.2 - 2023-11-03

    Minimum OS requirements:

    - MacOS 12, 13.

    - Windows 10 (latest Service Pack), Windows 11.

    NOTE: VST2 is removed when installing on Windows. If you wish to keep the VST2, please copy the plug-in and move it back to your plug-in folder after installing Komplete Kontrol 3. All users should stop using the VST2, as it will be phased out in the coming months.

    FIXED Some users experiencing CPU spikes when using Komplete Kontrol in large DAW projects without having the Kontrol Mk 3 NIHardwareConnectionService installed

    FIXED A bug that led to more RAM being used than required, affecting users with a large amount of Komplete Kontrol instances in a DAW project

    FIXED The Komplete Kontrol Sampler and Audio module parameters jumping values when being selected from Kontrol Mk3 keyboards

    FIXED Unable to name sections in Native Map when users created NKS1 user presets

    FIXED One-shot and Loops not appearing in the correct section of the browser

  • BIF
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    I had KK 3.0 crash on me once or twice. Never did once we got to 3.0.2. Still haven't been able to test 3.1 yet. Maybe by this weekend.

    Oh, and @nightjar, you gave some good answers. The only thing I'd add for the OP is that VST2 is bonked by KK 3.x. Everybody should know that of course, but...

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