Does Battery 4 have internal oversampling?

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Hi NI team,

I am going through my plugins to work out if and when I need oversampling.

Since Battery can add distortion to hi-hats, there is obviously a risk of aliasing at 44.1k

Looking at the Battery 4 manual, I can see that there is an option under 'Cell Rendering' to select the Sample Rate from a dropdown.

Does this selection affect the rate at which samples are played back in the host prior to rendering? In other words, is this an internal oversampling option where the audio will be rendered at the selected rate then filtered at the nyquist for the host DAW rate before output?

Or does it only come into play when rendering the cell?

Many thanks!

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  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @Kunekshan It's the first proposition: if you render a cell at 96k, you get a 96k sample which is the resampled for host output, at audio driver's sample rate.


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