kk3.1 slow preset loading times

dogbreath11 Member Posts: 59 Newcomer
edited December 2023 in Komplete Kontrol

after being one of those people which was totaly underwhelmed by the new kk3 software, i decided to give the new update a go and see if browser resizing would geive me a better experience. well it does but.......

why does switching between presets from the same kontakt library take so much longer in kk3.1 than it does in kk2?

kk2 was pretty instant, even between different libraries, but kk3.1 has a lag between each preset and slows down the whole experience. do other people experience the same problem?

the resizable browser is an improvement, but lack of maschine integration is still a bummer and not being able to see the interface of the instrument while browsing is a real pain. maybe a floating detachable browser that can be anchored is the solution for this?

also, in the software, please make it so presets only take one click of the mouse to load so we can use the up down cursor keys on the qwerty. this is possible on maschine, why not kk? double clicking every preset is like having concrete shoes on, slowing down the experience. its giving me arthritis in my fingers


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