Changing the key position of a sound in a drum kit.

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edited December 2023 in Kontakt

I enjoy the Drums from the Factory Library 2, and I really enjoyed its creativity!

But, I would like to push the creativity even changing the position of the drum sound to other key.

For example: any snare can be heard when you play D1 and E1, but is it possible to change the position of those sounds, or exchange the positions, so that it can be, for example, to play G1 to hear the snare?

Or even better!

To just copy paste any sound from the drum kit into another key position and then edit it!

Is that possible?

If it isn't, you can make this change for the Factory Library 1.1.4.!

And btw, Beats from Factory Library have a missing feature: Mixer and FX (as well as the Settings symbol with a hexagon shape, which every other drum kit and drum pad from Factory Library 2 has).

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