Kontakt 7 CPU Red Inside Fl Studio

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Using Kontakt 7 my CPU seems to always overload and turn red insde FL Studio. I've read others comments about adjusting buffers etc and tried all of them to no solution.

So - instead I tried running Kontakt 7 'outside' of FL Studio and found that I can load and play any combination of instruments in any way I wish without problems. In fact, the Kontakt CPU rarely reaches 25% in my case and setup.

Consequently, it seems to me, that running Kontakt 7 inside of FL Studio is the problem leading to CPU issues. Especially on 'note-on' periods...

How can I fix the interconnection between FL Studio abd Kontakt 7 that does not lead to a red-lining of the CPU all the time and sound issues?



  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Rembi IS that happening all the time, with any library? Could it be related to this ongoing bug?

    Kontakt 7 crashes in FlStudio21 Please Help!

    If this is unrelated, could you please check these settings in FL Studio? My KONTAKT Instrument Is Out of Sync in FL Studio

    What's your operating system? Did you install your Kontakt libraries on an external hard drive? What's the format of the drive?

  • Rembi
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    Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for the quick response.

    This happened with any library. I cannot answer about ongoing bugs, but it only started recently.

    I did go to settings you suggested about and set them to fixed buffer. This helped but only for loading one instrument. If I load two instruments for Kontakt within FL Studio it continues to have the problem of braking up the soubd abd distorting BUT the CPU does not redline and only reaches 75% at most.

    Alternatively, if I play two instruments (Sunburst Deluxe + Piano Colors) outside of FL Studio everything works fine.

    My Kontakt libraries are on my D: Drive internally - a 2TB drive. File system is NTFS.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,907 mod

    @Rembi Ok, then please get in touch with my colleagues here, they'll need to have a deeper look: https://bit.ly/NI_support_kontakt

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