Desolate Guitars by e-instruments

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New Kontakt library featuring 4 guitar tones, two amps, spring reverb and termello giving you that 60s. Here's my quick review and demo. I also have a video covering all the presets in the channel.

"Desolate Guitars is all about the sound. Picture evocative guitar tones that transport you into the moody landscapes of David Lynch's cinematic worlds or the pulsating indie vibes reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys. It's a love letter to that classic sound: your favorite guitars plugged straight into iconic vintage amps, drenched in spring reverb, and decorated with tremolo."

Desolate Guitars embodies a timeless sound that's shaped music for decades, seamlessly blending analog warmth with digital versatility. Perfect for producers, artists, and media composers seeking a distinctive sonic palette, even without guitar expertise. Featuring four classic guitars, two iconic amps, real spring reverb, and extensive FX presets designed by guitarists, the creative possibilities are endless.


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    Sounds lovely, just a pity the keys are mapped over too narrow a range

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