Is anybody else having issues with their MK3 Kontrol keyboard not working with Ableton 11

Josephus Member Posts: 6 Newcomer
edited December 2023 in Komplete Kontrol

When I open Ableton It locks the DAW button Komplete Kontrol won't load cannot browse patches, no splash screen, I have reinstalled Live 11 changed my midi in and outs in Live preferences to Komplete Kontrol MK3 (Port B) that was per Ableton support and I have reinstalled the Driver to no avail I am at a loss it was working fine when I first purchased it but then Komplete Kontrol anf Kontakt started freezing acting bugging in Live, that's about the time Komplete Kontrol quit working, Kontakt is working again, I am at a loss, does anybody have any suggestions, Thank you


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