How to automate SampleTank 4 MIDI Assignments in KK3.0.3

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I'm trying to assign all the automatable parameters on ALL the screens, but if I can get the Home scrn I can manage the others. I'm using PreSonus SO6.5 with my NI S88 Mk1 as my controller, and Komplete Kontrol 3.0.3. It looks like I should be able to rt. click on any of the parameter knobs in ST4 (Vol, Pan, Transpose, MIDI ch. etc.), and the Macro assignments for CC14-CC21 show up in a list to be assigned, but I'm unable to assign anything. Am I mistaken that this is a KK3.0.3 feature, or is this a ST4 feature? It looked like it was a ST feature. I also thumbed thru the entire ST4 manual and found nothing about assigning those parameters. So, I AM a bit confused. :? :?: 



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    The MK1 does not work with KK v3. You need KK v2 (which I would recommend to use at the moment anyway).

    There are issues in SampleTank that make some mapping impossible. Even when you map certain things, once you save and open again it is mapped wrong.

    I have a full library for Sampletank which has basically mapped what I have tested out to work reliably:

    I have reported the bugs thru, but IK are nor real responsive or even seem to care about issues in their plugins.

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    I've looked all over this site trying to find KK v2.6.9. GEEZ!! NI TRIES to make things as confusing as possible. It says I need Native Access 2.0, but I swear I saw somewhere on the site to update to NA ver. 3.87. Still, I can't find ANYWHERE on here KK v.2.6.9. Does anyone have that link?

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    Now, none of the transport buttons on my S88 Mk1 light up like they used to. I can't even record MIDI tracks. 😨😱 KK3.0.3 is still installed bcuz could never find ver. 2.6.9. Does it not exist anymore? It WAS working great.

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