Guitar Rig racks empty on tracks after migration from Intel to M1 backup

TheDoldrumer Member Posts: 14 Member

Recently I bought an M1 Max, because my 2019 mac kicked the bucket, so I had to revive all my projects from a backup drive. I go to open my projects and all my Guitar Rig (versions 6 and 7) effects racks are completely empty on all tracks I use them for. This is incredibly devastating, and I'm wondering why this is, or if this is a known issue? Help would be much appreciated.


  • TheDoldrumer
    TheDoldrumer Member Posts: 14 Member

    I've just opened another project and have received this message, with the effects still present? I'm a bit at a loss.

  • Eddie_NI
    Eddie_NI Product Team Posts: 355 mod

    Did you activate Guitar Rig in Native Access?

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