How can I get rid of the +groups output in Kontakt 7 NI instruments like picked nylon guitar

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When I set up Logic Pro x with Kontakt 7 for 8 different instruments, I route them to the separate MIDI channels etc. All that works fine, until I hit an instrument that shows as output for example 4 +groups. It is possible to get rid of this in the group editor when the instrument has the spanner symbol, but the newer instruments like picked nylon guitar, picked acoustic guitar etc etc don't have the spanner and don't seem to have any facility to access the group editor to switch this off. Is there anything that I can do to switch the group off? It sort of makes these brilliant instruments tricky as I then have to have them as standalone instruments which will totally eat up CPU.


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    From my experience, I solved a very similar issue by doing this: just by clicking on the +groups and changing it to st. 1.

    Let me know if it worked.

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