Kontakt settings change in Ableton with Cremona Quartet instruments.

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How come changing microphone settings in Cremona strings change volume (to max overall) in Ableton Live 8 and why does legato change in spiccato in a mysterious way? Hope someone can help me out🙏


  • Jeremy_NI
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    @JoopvL Which instrument are you using exactly? there are 4 different ones in Cremona. It is normal that mic settings affect the volume, you have 3 channels with different microphones.

    And down here in red, you have the different keyswitches affected to the different articulations, so maybe you played these red notes by accident?

    Did you check the manual already?


  • JoopvL
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    Hi Jeremy, 

    Thank you for helping me out.

    I was using the cello and the viola.

    I changed the close microphones and suddenly oberved the overall

    volume in the track went to maximum. All manualy made settings in 

    the track were wiped out. 

    I do not use a pianokeyboard. I use a qwerty keyboard so I do not

    think I hit something by accident. 

    Another issue is the changing of articulations. When I choose virtuoso

    I sometimes get the desired sustained singing sound but then out of the 

    blue it changes in spiccato but still showing the virtuoso articulation 


    I'm working on it. Thank you for your help. I'll read the manual once again.

    Thank's for the link.

    Thanks again!


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