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Hey there,

i have an issue:

i want to quickly browse through the snapshots of a kontakt library and save my favourites.

lets say one of the play series, ie. "hybrid keys". If i go through the snapshots/presets in the browser view, it is easy and convenient to tag as a favourite. but going to the next sound takes forever because it seems like kontakt is reloading the whole instrument each time.

If i do it the other way, i.e. go through the sounds on the instrument page, changing the instruments is as fast as expected, but i can not see an option to mark a sound as a favourite?

am i missing something? whats the best work flow here?



  • jrblndr
    jrblndr Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    So, i am guessing this is not possible? Should i look for the "feature request" section of this forum?

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