No contact from support about order delivery

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I ordered on 29/11/2023 Komplete Audio 1 Interface,

It's been over a week and The order status is still "The Item is at the shippers warehouse" or at least, tracking site shows this status.

I've tried to contact support to get any information but unfortunately support is not responding to any of my tickets.

I find it pretty weird that NI claims that orders to Europe takes around 2-4 days without any information why delivery is taking so long if delivery time exceeded.

Also I it's quite annoying that I'm forced to create new post on Discussion site instead of resolving the issue with support.

I've Tagged this as Komplete 14 because I did not see any tags related to hardware or interfaces (Also because It's cyber season and I would love to get my interface with actual Komplete select 14 license as stated on site)


  • scompean
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    I'm having similar issue with radio silence from support for nearly a week. In my case, it's a missing Komplete Audio 2. Not exactly sure what is going on but it would be nice to at least get visibility into status or a response like "Hey we are super busy and we'll get to you in X time." As a long time NI customer, I find this a bit disappointing.

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    If you have already made tickets then please do not make any new tickets. It will only serve to create confusion. If it has been a week and you have not had any response to a ticket then politely update your ticket to let support know that you are still waiting ! If you have not yet made at ticket then contact Webshop & Orders support :

    Also , I will let @Jeremy_NI know that there appear to be some congestion to see if he thinks that there is anything that he can do/needs to do ?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @scompean I see that you are now in contact with my colleagues and they're on your case.

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