Where did the Kontakt instruments settings go?

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Maybe I missed something obvious but I cannot for the life of me find these damn settings. I know they must be somewhere? How can I edit the fx etc of my instruments?

I opened up the settings and control pane of the instrument and didn't see anything that correlated to this.

I have KOMPLETE 13 ULTIMATE Collectors Edition 

Image relevant. I've circled the controls which appear on the synth on the website but not in my updated one.

Thank you😎


  • mykejb
    mykejb Moderator Posts: 876 mod

    The FX stuff appears on my version if I load the "Analog Dreams 2.0" instrument, but not if I load the original "Analog Dreams"

    I'm guessing some of the patches you see in the Kontakt browser are only present in the old version, like the "On A Movie Set" one that you have loaded. If you load a 2.0 patch like "80s Folder" you see the Fx/Seq/Macro buttons.

    -- Mike

  • solsta
    solsta Member Posts: 91 Helper

    oh wow! I just saw the different banks, was not aware this is a thing!

    thanks for letting me know, I was sure there was some sort of solution

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