How would I purchase Guitar Rig as a present for someone?

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I have a Native Instruments account and have Komplete 14 Ultimate. My son has Komplete Now as he is just starting out. I want to buy Guitar Rig Pro 7 at the current reduced price as a present for him.

Firstly, is that possible given he is using Komplete Now? I suspect it would just be a plugin that he would own rather than use on a subscription basis.

Secondly, if I purchased it, would it just be usable under my own account or could it be transferred to him?

Thirdly, Would be an option for me to pay an upgrade price from Guitar Rig 6 and then pass the plugin in onto him? I know you can transfer hardware licenses between people upon sale.

Sorry for all of the questions. Hope they make sense. Obviously, the easy option would be to buy it using his account but he would then receive the emails and he would know about me purchasing it before Christmas.




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    This will need confirming, but I think you can do it.

    I accidentally bought a few expansions on the wrong account during the sale. The serial numbers showed in the account I bought them on, but I was able to take those serial numbers and add them to Native Access under the correct account. When I did that they disappeared from the incorrect account and were shown on the correct account. So it looks like you could buy the product on your account and pass the serial number onto your son. Upgrades are a different matter as they're linked to the old products so it could get messy!

    -- Mike

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    Thanks for the message.

    Yes, I bought it on my own account and will pass the serial number on to him. The only issue being that part of the website is down at the moment which is annoying.

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    You can just buy him the product when your son isn't around, and then when he comes back, surprise him by saying that something is on his device!

    Happy Holidays, sir!

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