how to add multiple Kontakt instrument inputs!

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Hi there, having trouble navigating how to add multiple Kontakt instruments to my Ableton Timeline. I watched some tutorials and it says you go to options and then audio, but I don't even have the audio option here (If I am in the correct spot). Essentially, I believe I need to add multiple inputs to Kontakt so I can have different instrument tracks in Ableton.

Can someone please help!? Thank you!


  • Milos
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    If you mean that you want to insert multiple instruments inside one Kontakt track, you can just click any instrument from the library then click CTRL or Shift and then click another instrument.

    That way you can load multiple instruments at the same time.

    Tell me and let me know if this helped.

  • Dr.twiz
    Dr.twiz Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    HI there thank you very much. I am trying to add multiple instruments from kontakt into ABLETON. And it seems like they each need their own input. I am doing so but it seems like it's only working like half the time, still missing something.

  • Michael Groarke
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    Your choice of words may be confusing me but here's what I can tell you: You likely need multiple MIDI tracks all pointing towards Kontakt on different MIDI channels. In this way, your one Kontakt instrument track can have multiple instruments. A common alternative would be to have multiple Kontakt Instrument tracks. I'll stop here because I am not an Albeton user and someone else would be more likely to help you out.

  • Dr.twiz
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    Yes! I figured it out. It looks like it's all working out now. thanks so much michael! I essentially needed more input channels in Kontakt so each track in ableton went to a different instrument input. Anyways, All working :)

  • Jeremy_NI
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    This article should be helpful too: How to Route KONTAKT to Multiple Outputs in Ableton Live

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