Kontakt Library 2 Collections Combined (HELP)

Shaggy Member Posts: 2 Member

I was wondering where my Choir instrument went. I went through the steps to delete the komplete.db3 file to force a rebuild of the library and presets, but it didn't show up

After looking further, I see that Choir, Band, Orchestral, Synth, Vintage, etc are all combined behind one entry in the library named "Kontakt"

In the screen shot you can see the entry in the grid, and the samples combined

What happened here and how do I fix it ??


  • mykejb
    mykejb Moderator Posts: 821 mod

    Those Choir presets are a part of the Kontakt Factory library 2, so they appear under the "Kontakt" instrument. Are you looking for the "Choir - Omnia" instrument? That should definitely appear on the browser as a separate instrument, and if you have Komplete Ultimate it should be included. On mine it's just before "Cloud Supply" in the browser

    -- Mike

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy Member Posts: 2 Member

    Ah I think I've got it now. I see that I can filter from the "All Banks" area in the grid view, over samples

    Thought I remember though seeing an grid entry for the factory Choir, Synthesizer, etc

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