Komplete Kontrol missing 3rd party libraries



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    What do you mean by 'only available in the user area with reduced functionality'? So can you see NKS patches then? Did you install them in the way I suggested?

    I don't think the problem is 3.03 per se, it works fine with u-he plugins for me, I think it's that it has forced you to go from VST2 to VST3 and I don't think you have installed everything that is needed yet. Reinstalling with custom install and NKS and VST3 selected should work.

  • Kymeia
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    Can you check if the NKS are actually installed - maybe start with Diva as we know that works well in KK3

    Go to /Library/Application Support/u-he/Diva/NKS/Diva

    What is in that folder?

    Same for Pigments go to:

    /Library/Arturia/Pigments/Third Party/Native Instruments/presets

    What is in that folder?

  • tokenboomer
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    I'll use u-he's Zebra2 as an example. Previously Zebra2 appeared as an instrument under the "synths" category on the main GUI as well as the "user" GUI. Zebra2 is an NKS instrument and has patch previews so, from the main GUI, I could preview patches and favorite those I liked which in the case of this synth I did a lot. As of Komplete Kontrol 3.0.3 that utility is gone and now I can only access Zebra2 from the user area. Not only is this true but all of the patches I marked as favorites when Zebra2 was visible on the main GUI are gone. Not only is this true but the patches I marked as favorites while in the "user" area are there but no longer have previews. That's true of all the other u-he instruments I have including Diva and Hive2.

    I have similar problems with Arturia instruments like the NKS version of Pigments. In fact the only 3rd party NKS instrument I have that shows up now in the main GUI and isn't a library for Kontakt 7 is Spitfire Audio's BBC Orchestra Core. It uses Spitfire Audio's own playback plugin rather than Kontakt 7. Why it maintained its place on the main GUI while all the others were relegated to the "user" section I have no idea. By "reduced" functionality what I mean is things like favorites no longer playing previews even though the previews are installed on the system. I can play those patches back with previews if I chose that same patch from the instrument list and not the favorite list. The favorites list is mute which makes it pretty useless.

  • Kymeia
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    Answer ✓

    If you only see user NKS it sounds like you have not installed the factory NKS content for those synths. Check out those folders I mentioned

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    Ummm....I've had ASC doing silent installs for over a year now. I "think" all of my Arturia instruments show up in KK 3. So I am confused about this.

    (Windows 11 for my question above)

  • Matthew_NI
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    If properly installed, u-He and Arturia products are fully compatible with Komplete Kontrol 3.

    I have included screenshots as I'm having a hard time following the description your providing and if we could move to images that might be useful.

    If you open KK 3.0.3, and you're in the browser, are you saying you do not see these products? Note that for ease, in each screenshot, I filtered by manufacturer.

  • Kymeia
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    That's fine, silent installs is only a problem if the first time the installers ran, which isn't silent the first time as you select install options on the first run, the person did not realise they needed to select custom install/third party content, because every install after that uses the same options

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    Hello Matthew and Happy new year. Did you test it on Windows 10 ? It does not show off on my side.

  • Nicholas Bean
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    I am so sick of Native Instruments

    Everything will be working just fine and then all of a sudden out of nowhere all my libraries disapear.EVen though not a single thing has changed or moved. I reinstall everything through Native Access and now all my 3rd party libraries are missing. This Company is a joke!

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