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Hi all,

I really love my Kontakt s88 and all the sampled sounds I have used in Cubase (x) over the years.

I am now up to CB 12 Pro ( for an age now ) and I can't remember having such a problem with load times ( of instruments ) or any samples coming off of Kontakt.

I am using the latest updates for everything I use. I have a processor ( AMD Ryzen 5 six core ) that is powerful enough plus SSDs on the sample drive and main ( C ) drive with everything UTD using windows 10Pro. and, seemingly underused 32.00 GB of RAM.

OK It's not the highest spec but I have used this in the studio to record, mix and master without problems.

Of late I can't use Kontakt for session work, unless maybe mastering, because of the ridiculous load times for kontakt to load .. E.G I had pianist that wanted a grand piano sound and my go to was NI's Grand (what else ) took so long I used Halion Sonic Grand that took ( wait for it ) 20 seconds !!

So my question is, having seen so many musicians and engineers complaining of load times, which while I'm at it the ' stand alone ' instruments load fine ? go figure !? what is the REAL problem here. Seemingly my system is fine and every sound from Steinberg's software loads up properly ( 30second tops )

I reiterate " I really love my Kontakt s88 and all the sampled sounds " but it seems there is a problem that I feel is not really bieng dealt with, suggesting Kontakt in all it's glory is flawed.

Please don't tell me I need more RAM or the SSD is overloaded and my C ( M4 ) drive is working too hard ... all these things are fine and dandy. BUT

If you feel I missed something I will do what needs to be done ...even if it means ditching NI's software and starting with a fresh upload🙄 ...

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