Using Komplete Kontrol on comp screen in Reaper and keyboard S61MK2 ONLY to play

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Hello folks

I am using the Komplete Kontrol Keyboard S61 MK2 with reaper.

I simply want to be able to use the Komplete Kontrol tools inside the DAW- in other words I want to open up KK inside the FX track on Reaper and maniulate selections on the computer screen to make instrument selections and yet play the music on the keyboard. I do NOT want the keyboard to have control of selections. Anyone know how to do that?

In the Reaper Options/Preferences/ Audio/ MIDI devices.. in the input section it has:

Komplete Kontrol - 1

Komplete Kontrol DAW -1

Komplete Kontrol EXT -1

and each of these has selections for: "Enable Input for Track Record Input," "Include input in all MIDI inputs," and "Enable input for control messages"

CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN IN DETAIL WHAT THOSE MEAN PLEASE AND THE what happens when selecting them- the differences? I know that's a lot to ask. Sorry.

I've tried endless different configurations but I can't seem to get it right. Actually I did have it right weeks ago and for some reason now...... most configurations leave the keyboard not doing anything but if some, if i press "browser" on the keyboards controls THEN use the dAW version of KK it will let the DAW version select the instrument but in no cases can I then manipulate the keyboard at that point to play the sound.

BOTTOM LINE is that I just want to ope an new track on Reaper with Komplete Kontrol- and use the DAW interface on the computer screen (not the keyboard) to manipulate the instrument choosing but still be able to use the keyboard to play and record. I know it's possible because I had this configuration by accident a couple weeks ago and now I've spend hours and hours trying to get this to work.

(Im beginning to hate Native instruments and/or reaper. I never actually do anything creative- i only fix stuff that doesn't work.)


  • Milos
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    Try to use automation inside the DAW if you want to control the sound.

    You can even control with the automation ceratin effects at a certain bar or time.

    Experiment a little bit to find the great use of automating!

  • shannonsmith
    shannonsmith Member Posts: 29 Member

    that doesn't solve it but thanks

  • Milos
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    I hope you solve the issue soon!

  • shannonsmith
    shannonsmith Member Posts: 29 Member

    nevermind. figure it out. by routing the "in" to Recordd: MIDI overdub/replace (one of the top two selections there)

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