KK3 (all versions) does not always display properly on 4K monitor with Windows 10 scaling

Lladnar Member Posts: 10 Member

KK3's UI breaks on my 4K screen at all but 100%, 200%, and 300% options in Display Settings. This image shows what happens at 175%, which is the scaling I always use and consider ideal for a 32" 4K monitor:

The "X" to close the window appears correctly on the top right bar, while the enclosed content of the window is truncated at both the right and bottom, with no ability to scroll or resize the window in the bottom right corner, rendering the app completely unusable and forcing me back to KK2. All other affected sizes do the opposite and shrink the entire KK content within the window frame, leaving an empty area to the right and bottom, making it even harder to see than using KK2. Tested with every version of KK3 through 3.0.3.

I was looking forward to using KK3 since KK2 is especially tiny on my 4K/175% working environment, but is currently not possible. Can this be escalated as an app-breaking bug?

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