Cubase studio setup not showing komplete Kontrol as device

Alaman64 Member Posts: 2 Member
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Hi after reinstalling windows and all my plugins, can't get my keyboard to show up when i do add devices, Komplete Kontrol is missing. is there a separate driver for cubase?



  • JesterMgee
    JesterMgee Member Posts: 2,575 Expert

    Have you installed the Komplete Kontrol standalone software and at least opened it a single time? Pretty sure you need to launch the KK software and wait for it to go through and build the library first. If KK is installed and it has been launched and your keyboard works there, that's the extent of my knowledge on this subject

  • Alaman64
    Alaman64 Member Posts: 2 Member

    Done all that, still no luck

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 9,595 mod

    Hey @Alaman64 Are you running Cubase and Komplete Kontrol as administrator ?

    Are you using an antivirus ?

    Everything in Komplete Kontrol in standalone working as expected ? You can browse, load, play and control an instrument ?

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