Kontakt 7 in Cubase 12

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Generated pattern from Kontakt in Cubase 12 works fine so long as I do not import an audio file.

Using it in a project ( Strummed Guitar ) will work for one bar then random parts there after. I must be doing something wrong and as a newbie...............Help Please. Cheers

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  • DunedinDragon
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    Your question is very confusing. What are you referring to as an audio file? Kontakt works solely with MIDI input, but you need to read the manual to understand how to use the MIDI notes to trigger the guitar chords. You create a MIDI track in your project and select Kontakt as the plug in on that track, then open Kontakt on that track and select a pattern in the plugin, then you practice using the pattern by playing a MIDI chord, then when you're ready you arm the track it's on and play the various chords as the song progresses. All of that is captured on a MIDI track, not an audio track.

  • kevinmck
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    Hi, And thank you. I should explain things better. I have audio files from a group I was in years ago and attempting to make the sound fuller by adding Instrumental tracks using Halion, Kontakt 7 etc. in Cubase 12, things like a "strummed guitar" (Kontakt 7 pattern ) to the mix.

    I added an Instrument Track with Kontakt 7 as the plugin. Kontakt 7 shows up after a few second with various patterns I chose the above ( strummed guitar ).

    Screen shot attached.

    In cubase 12 I have generated a chord track from the lead instrument and from that track have made a MIDI track. I am not using a MIDI keyboard attempting to get Kontakt to use the generated MIDI track, no luck.

    As an a

    side which Dunedin throughout the world are you located. Cheers

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @kevinmck This Kontakt library is pattern based, you can't simply write any chord sequence, please check the manual of this library: https://www.native-instruments.com/fileadmin/ni_media/downloads/manuals/Session_Guitarist_-_Strummed_Acoustic_1.1_Manual_English.pdf

  • kevinmck
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    Hi Jeremy, Thanks for the help. discovered a work around as NI does not appear to like MIDI tracks produced from Cubase 12 Chord track. Unfortunately I am but a drummer with little skill on keyboards so my only way to get chords is to to use Chord Track. My work around works, so I'm happy. Cheers

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