weird issue with endless encoders in Kontakt 6/7

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I've just realized it is no longer possible to assign the endless encoders in Kontakt 6/7 inside a DAW (FL Studio) so they work properly with A61 keyboard.

It used to be possible (before all the Kontakt/KK/NA updates) to go to Current Project/Generators/Kontakt in FL Studio, find the parameter in question (i.e. volume) and right click "Link to controller", move the knob on A61 and it was assigned and you could tweak A61 knobs all the way to the right/left (instead of using the mouse).

Today, when I tried doing that with a Play Series instrument, the knob is assigned but it only "moves" so much and not all the way to left/right (the volume knob only moves only from -6.2dB to -5.4dB; balance moves only from A 49 | 51 B to A 51 | 49 B; delay moves from 49.6% to 51.1%, etc).

What happened?!? Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I would appreciate any input on the issue.


  • komthusr
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    Additionally, why isn't A61 listed in Controller Editor?

  • Milos
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    I would recommend to use automation instead.

    Much faster and more stable.

    From my experience, automation is to a controller editor what Windows XP is to Windows Mistake Edition

  • komthusr
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    Your suggestion does not apply to loading Kontakt inside FL Studio and assigning VST instrument knobs (i.e. play series) to the physical A61 keyboard. Please read carefully what I asked about.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @komthusr I'm not that familiar with FL Studio, so pardon me if this is irrelevent. AFAIK there were no drastic changes. You should put the keyboard in MIDI mode in order to assign FL studio controls.

    You can then check the MIDI assignments in the Komplete Kontrol standalone application and see if the range for the controllers is from 0 to 127:

  • komthusr
    komthusr Member Posts: 41 Member

    Thanks, I will do that.

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