Midi controller (or advice) for articulations

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I’ve got an S61.

Often, the key switches for articulations are way up or down the keyboard, as shown in these two pics.

How do others use these? Could I say get a small key cheap two octave keyboard and use that just for the articulations or use something like a Novation launch pad or korg nano?




  • Ojustaboo
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    No one have any suggestions? Not sure why my post has been tagged with S61 MK3 as I have the MK2?

    I might try playing around with Maschine in midi mode and see what I can do there

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    I have a s61mk1...

    The Cello doesnt seem like it would be a problem if you just shift the keyboard by 1 octave. But those instruments with a big note range with articulations at both ends are a real challenge.

    I;ve often thought of using a mini keyboard I have for articulations too but see problems with doing that as you dont have light indicators and the articulation ranges change along with the instrument

    I also have a Launchpad x which I use for drum pads and clip launching in Bitwig. I suppose you could color code templates and do articulations that way...maybe i;ll check that out. you could also assign them to latching and non latching modes by individual pad i think. Launchpad x is a nice device I think.

    Another option may be to just midi assign the keyboard you type on in your DAW to piano keyboard values? just brainstorming here

    Dont know much at all about Maschine so no help there...I have color assigned keys before on my mk1 using the NI Controller editor..I assume Controller editor works with the mk2? It also works with Maschine

    For the vsts I use this is only a pretty rare problem, so i never really explored

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