Sustain pedal not working with String Session Pro 2

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When I use String Session Pro 2 with Kontakt 7 in MainStage or standalone, the sustain pedal does not work. The sustain pedals works with all the other Komplete 14 synths.

The sustain pedal in String Session Pro 2 works fine when played in Kontakt 5.

My setup is a MacBook Pro with Mac OS Ventura 13.6.2 with Apple M2 MAX and 64 GB RAM. Uaudio Apollo x8 audio card. Roland Fantom 08 connectede via M-Audio USB-MIDI-Device.

Any suggestions, or is it at bug in Kontakt 7?



  • Milos
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    Check if your pedal is properly connected to your synthesizer first (from my experience)

    Then if everything is connected but still doesn't work, then go refresh the Kontakt tab by clicking the '!' button.

    And if it still doesn't help, just use in-DAW automated sustain.

    I hope any of these help, these are my best possible tips.

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