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I just updated Komplete Kontrol through Native access and now my plugin is not visible in Ableton Live 11. I can't see either the VST3 or VST2 plugins in my Ableton browser. I have reinstalled KK and rescanned my plugins a few times. I can see the VST3 plugin in common files but there is not vst2 plugin. I have not changed any of my default locations.

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    Assuming you're on a PC, If you updated to KK3 it'll remove the VST2 plugin as it's only available as a VST3 plugin. You should find it in the VST3 plugin list.

    If you need a VST2 version you can install the old 2.9.6 version, copy the VST2 then do the upgrade.

    More info here - How to Keep Komplete Kontrol 2.9 (VST2) and Komplete Kontrol 3 (VST3) on Your Windows System – Native Instruments (native-instruments.com)

    At the moment KK3 loses some features compared to KK2, so unless you need KK3 for a MK3 keyboard you might want to stick with KK2 depending on your workflow.

    -- Mike

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    Thank you Mike. I did hear that the vst2 plugin would be removed as a part of this install but I don't understand why the vst3 plugin is not visible in ableton. I can see it in the common files folder. I will probably just downgrade.

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