S61 Mk3: Features working on previous iterations not operational

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I was aware there was a lot of stuff yet to come for the mk3 but geez didn’t expect so many of the features working on previous iterations to not be operational on the latest and greatest. Coerced into spending £722.00(due to latest software dropping mk1) just to enter as beta tester, wow new depths NI🤣 No one could ever say NI doesn’t have front. I’m sure it will be amazing once finished though.


  • BIF
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    I'm quite certain that you're not the person who's arm I twisted to make this purchase. Yeah, that was some other unlucky person. 🤣 Oh wait, I didn't twist anybody's arm.

    Nobody "coerced" you. And if you had come here FIRST to ask some questions, some of us would have suggested that you wait. We can't help you if you don't ask! 😉

    I agree, it should be amazing once it has been finished. But that could take months. Welcome aboard!

  • Matthew_NI
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    Could you be more specific? What features are you referring to?

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