Kontakt Feature Request: Zero RAM mode - as in Incirios

d0stenning Member Posts: 22 Member

Currently Many orchestral media composers use apps like Vienna Ensemble Pro in order to be able to Pre-load instruments that collectively use up huge amounts of RAM - simply for the PRE-LOAD buffers- even if streaming from disk. Vienna. Ensemble Pro alleviates the problem of having to endure very long waits when a DAW project is waiting for its plugins to pre-load all the required samples to some extent - but not only does it still require huge amounts of RAM in order to keep pre-loaded all the instruments being used - often way beyond 128GB and using several servers.

Given the use of modern SSD storage with faster and faster access speeds - particularly for READs - it seems its becoming more and more possible - given the latest fastest computers- that one doesn't need the pre-pload buffering process. Incirios is doing this now. It would be great if NI works on its own equivalent - or if IP issues arise - even license the Zero-RAM technology from Incurious.

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