Session guitar pattern no sound

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Where I am using session guitarist pick acoustic melody.

I found that quite a lot of pattern did not have sound when the tempo was set at 1:1.

But there are sound when the tempo was set X2. How to fix it?

Second question, when since I am using fl studio.

I found that the guitar pattern that I made does not sync with my music tracks.

I have tried switch between "Sync to host" or "start on key", but it does not make any difference. Any thought?



  • Milos
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    Try these tips, they might help you:

    1. Click the '!' icon on the Kontakt tab to refresh the library. (had the similar issue)
    2. Manually record the patterns instead of just pressing one button to make the pattern play itself.
    3. Refresh the DAW.

    I hope any of these tips can help you.

    Have a great day, marcohk!

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