Support for Reaper a KK / Kontrol MK3 Keyboards

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Hi folks, I'm really trying to look around for information regarding support for Komplete Kontrol and the new MK3 keyboards inside Reaper. I know it's not listed as a supported DAW, but I do struggle to believe that, as Reaper's usage is quite extensive.

Furthermore, like others, I've been having trouble with KK inside Reaper - just tried now and Reaper ground to a halt after very little pushing with KK (note: it's absolutely fine otherwise, have only recently purchased after an extensive trial period).

I'd really like to purchase the Komplete S61 MK3 keyboard, but is it even worth it? An expensive piece of kit should come with some decent level of support (or a strong statement to say that this is NOT compatible with Reaper).


  • Kymeia
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    There is a 'driven by Moss' extension for Reaper that enabled deep integration for the MkII keyboards (in fact it can do some things that the NI integration can't) but I can't see a version for MkIII yet but I would not be at all surprised that Moss is working on it right now so watch this space.

  • Ongey
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    Thanks for your reply! I'm aware of various extensions etc for MKII. At present, integration is not there, and it's disappointing to note the lack of any announcements. The optimist in me agrees with you, but I'm a miserable git! That said, I'm new to the Reaper community, and there's every chance that they are quick / proactive with sorting stuff out (I certainly get that impression from regular Reaper 7 updates). Fingers crossed, really keen on that S61 keyboard (I know I could at least use it in Reaper with Kontakt but no DAW integration, or outside of Reaper with KK).

  • Kymeia
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    It's just early days, I am certain Moss is on the case but MkIII uses a lot of new tech so this isn't an easy job and may take time.

  • Tephrosis
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    Did you get this working on the MK III?

    I can't see any support yet

  • Kymeia
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    Can't see any support yet, still early days though really

  • overlord25
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    This was the quote from the Kontrol MK3 Q&A back in late September prior to the MK3 release:

    Chris_NIProduct TeamPosts: 7mod

    September 18

    defyosefSep 13, 2023

    What are these "major DAWs" there are going to be integrations with? Does Reaper count?

    Kontrol S-Series MK3 supports the following DAWs:

    Logic Pro

    Ableton Live


    Digital Performer

    Studio One

    FL Studio

    Pro Tools “Support coming in late 2023”

    Cubase “Support coming in late 2023”

    Yes Reaper counts, we are in early discussions with the team at Reaper, but cannot commit to a timeline yet when it will be released.

  • Kymeia
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    Cool, in the meantime it does work in MCU mode for transport at least

  • Ongey
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    Hi folks sorry for late update. I've since moved away from Reaper, and towards Studio One - however, that's not without its issues - initially integration is great, but there are some nasty bugs, and I've got a ticket open on that. Why move away from Reaper? Partly because I never really took to the DAW - I can really empathise with those that do, it's 'just works'. But the look and feel and general user experience wasn't for me. I really like Studio One, but having experienced several DAWS now (Mixcraft, Bitwig (as a trial), Reaper, Studio One) I can say that it's all about personal taste and which software causes the least performance / bug headaches (and even that's based on individual system environments / usages etc).

    I hope that KK / Reaper integration comes along - I got the impression that the MK3 keyboards would be receiving updates especially as they have onboard computers (exciting for future software developments)... the reality might be more prosaic.

  • Carpengui
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    Now we're into mid-February... with full deference and respect to the O.P., I'm still waiting on that Reaper support.
  • BIF
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    KK 3.1.2 has been released today. 2 weeks earlier than I thought it would come. Maybe some other stuff can get fixed in a 2nd update this month.

  • Kymeia
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    According to MOSS the MKII DrivenbyMoss extension should work with the MKIII - not got one to test myself but may be worth a try

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