KKS49 MK I: B2 key has a much more abrupt velocity sensitivity

coroneddu Member Posts: 5 Member


since week my S49 has a much more edgy velocity sensitivity on the B2 key alone.

the strange thing is that I can still get the full 1-127 range but I have to be unnaturally soft to get to the lower values

any idea how to fix this??

much appreciated!



  • JesterMgee
    JesterMgee Member Posts: 2,691 Expert

    Yeah usually if one key develops a different velocity out of the blue it is a sensor issue on that key. Could simply be something has worked its way into the pad that presses the sensor, could be some kind of slight failure, but would possibly need the unit to be opened and the affected keys sensor checked/cleaned.

    Just to be sure it is actually the key and not some kind of software issue, if you transpose the octave of the keyboard does the affected key now also cause the same problem in the new octave range or not? If so, definitely a key issue, otherwise it's a software problem of some kind.

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