Massive X Filters and real world equivalents

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Hi everyone,

This is just for fun and to help me learn a little about synths, it's not a bug. I am just wondering about the filters in Massive X, and what the real synth equivalents they are close to or aiming for. I know that the Monark is aiming to emulate the Moog-style ladder filter, and that Creak and Groian is, per the manual, not attempting to model a real world filter as they are based off research into flangers. They play a little coy in the manual, especially for me as I don't know what some of the synths they are alluding to in the descriptions. For those of you with a more thorough knowledge of synths and filters, what synths or types of filter are the rest trying to emulate?

Asimov: the manual says: "based on the paradigm of the filter found in a classic bass synthesizer from the 80s, despite not being a direct clone."

Based on sound, is this supposed to be similar to the Roland TB-303. I assume it is as it is said to be good for Acid sounds and takes well to distortion. Or is it the Korg MS-20? Do one of the Creak filters sound like they are like the MS-20 filters to your ears?

State Variable: Based on a bit of googling, the SEM from Oberheim use these, as well as being popular in modular synths. Do any other famous synths use this type of filter? The MX manual says their version is particularly clean - is that the case for the SEM and other real world synths that use SV filters?

Scanner: The manual says: This multi-mode filter is inspired by the raw sound of a number of analog monophonic synthesizers from the 80s.

What are some famous analog monophonic synthesizers from the 80s, and does anyone think it sounds particularly like any of them?

Thanks for any answers, like I said, this is just for my own interest but it may be helpful to others like me who don't know all the history of filters.


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    If you mean which effect can make that typical 'synth' effect, I recommend this creative fx chain (from my experience):

    Saturation or Distortion/Filter (Wah wah)/EQ.

    Hope it gives you inspiration!

    Now go and play around with the effects!

    And good luck composing!

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