Kontrol MK3 - what's your setup? // smooth start thread

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Just wanted to share my experience with the Komplete Kontrol S61 MK3:

System: Mac Mini MacOs 13.6.1

The first firmware Update from 0.2.8 (I believe) to 1.5.3 went smooth within like 3-5 minutes. Using the original USB-C cable (to Mac Mini USB-C on the back).

Under Cubase 13 it works fine, aswell as with the standalone Komplete Kontrol 3.0.2 / Kontakt 7.7.0 software.

So - Thank you for this Keyboard! For me it is just what I was looking for:

  • flexible to use as Midi keyboard (eager to see the Arp stuff coming for that)
  • grrreat with all the NKS software
  • nice to have basic DAW control aswell

For the special dedicated stuff I use a Midi sequencer - a T-1 by Torso Electronics.

See this thread as an inspiration, post your setup, thoughts on music making 🍕

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