Your version of Kontakt is too old to load this file which was saved with Kontakt v7.7.0.000

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I've read a number of posts in relation to the titled error message but I'm puzzled by the reference to Kontakt v7.7.0.000 in my message. I have what I believe is the most up to date version of Kontakt 7 Player (v7.6.1) via Native Access. I only get this error when trying to load two expansions, Hybrid Keys and Ethereal Earth, all other expansions and instruments seem to be fine. I'm running Windows 11 with Reason Studio 12 and I get the the error in both stanalone and VST3 plugin instances. I have reinstalled the problematic expansions but the problem persists. I've gone through the NI trouble shooter on this issue but it doesnt resolve my problem and, for the life of me, I can't see where I can raise a support ticket on the NI support pages. Any thoughts???

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    Thanks for assistance. My bad, I was using an older version of Native Access that wouldn't update Kontakt Player. Updated Native Access and all fell into place!


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