Duped by NI again... a rant.

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My bad- I once again was influenced by the pretty packaging and epic demos. I decided to upgrade from ver. 9 Ultimate to the latest version (mostly for Session Horns Pro to finish off an overdue project this weekend), only to find out I can't install the 25+ gig sized packages because I'm OUT of DISK SPACE. Yet I am SWIMMING in Terrabytes of disk space available on external hard drives since the M1 MacMini has only 250G internal which says I have 52 available but unfortunately, NI uses only the pristine zeros to come up with a total of 20.

Folks, we could use hard disk space as virtual memory 30 years ago but NI can't figure out how to substitute external disk space for internal space during a download and install in 2023? I delivered my first computer generated parts to a Public radio session in 1983 using a MAC with 512k, dot matrix printer, and two floppy disks and here I sit trying to delete apps and other ****** for a measly 15 gigs in 2023?

NI is the life partner that got you started, then said "I know we have been doing it for years, but from now on you need to increase your intellectual and physical capabilities because I'm just too lazy to roll over". But thanks for buying the new Teddy! Zzzz

East/West looks awfully good tonight...

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