Guitar Rig 7 Player - MIDI Learn Not Working

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I am trying to setup an expression pedal to use as a volume pedal with Guitar rig 7 Player within Logic Pro X. Both the Logic "midi learn" functionality and right click on the control knob approach do not work. The midi controller is being recognized within logic (input 21 and goes from 0-127 when I move the pedal as it should). When I use the logic midi learn approach, it correctly identifies the controller and the knob I want it to control, but it doesn't do anything. When guitar rig is started as standalone, the midi learn approach works. I am at a loss. Does this functionality only work with standalone guitar rig? Any thoughts or suggestions?

Logic v.: 10.7.9

Macbook Pro

Mac OSX: Ventura 13.5.2


  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 767 Advisor

    You should use the automation instead.

    I always use automation for my GR and it works flawlessly!

  • nobadmojo
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    I have Guitar Rig Player 7 but dont use Logic. I tried midi assigning in Bitwig Studio in my Win10 rig for you and got your result. Even worse, I couldnt midi assign to my expression pedal either by using the means that Bitwig provides. I refuse to launch anything NI in standalone. Seems like they have disabled midi learn in GR7 player in an effort to get people to buy the full version. I recently went with Amplitube MAX v2 on a really good Black Friday deal. it is levels above Guitar Rig in every way. Hope this helps out

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