Delayed shipping date for S88 MK3

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You win. I was really excited about pre-ordering the new S88 MK3. I received the confirmation invoice with a shipping date of October 31(I preordered on the 8th) I was so excited to start a new journey with an established software/hardware giant. Boy was I in for a surprise. I suppose this is normal for this craft to tie up your capital and wait for further instructions. I have to give it to your clients for settling for Your time lines instead of their own. I can see that there must be vacancies in the Quality Control department. I do hope you get those filled. I know this letter means nothing, so I will end it here. I have submitted my “tickets”



  • MartinHines
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    Yes, it is unfortunate that NI charges your card at the time of purchase.

    i ordered my kontrol s88 mk3 from Sweetwater (in the U.S.), and they don’t bill until the item is ready for shipment.

    Regarding the Kontrol S88mk3 units, something is up. Originally Sweetwater expected to have these before the end of October, but something has caused a delay. S61s and s49s are in stock, but not the s88s.

    new product roll-out delays do happen sometimes.

  • GhostriderGlenn
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    I have been refunded! Really wanted to work with this company, but I’m just a little fish. I have hope that going forward this company will realize communication is key. Hiring customer service reps might pay off in the future.

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    If I remember correctly there's a shipping date on the pre-order page?

    Anyhow, you can most of the time cancel your order if it hasn't been shipped yet. Glad to hear our support team has issued a refund for your order already.

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