It's almost 2024 can I relocate all my Kontakt libraries at once yet?

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Why do I have to relocate them all manually?


  • Milos
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    Unfortunately, from my experience, Kontakt doesn't really 'have' the automatic relocation feature...

    But there is a way to manually relocate libraries!

    For 3rd party instruments-simply create a folder anywhere you like, put them inside that folder, then go to the Kontakt 7, open Files, then check the name of the folder you created.

    For original NI instruments (Play Series, Session Instruments etc.) create a different custom folder specifically on the desktop if you have relocation issues (happened to me once), and then go to the File Management in Native Access and change the locations for either VST 32bit or 64 bit or anything to the custom folder you specifically created on the desktop.

    I did these and they helped me a lot!

    I hope it solves or at least minimizes the issue!

    Have a good day, sir!

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