Guitar Rig 7 crashes on startup Windows 11 [temporary fix included]

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For some reason, Guitar Rig 7 keeps crashing on startup after installation on Windows 11. I tried the steps in the article "GUITAR RIG Crashes at Startup" (can't post urls here yet). Sadly, that did not fix my problem and I found no crash logs. However, I went to regedit and then "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Native Instruments\Guitar Rig 7" where I've set "RescanDatabase" to 0 and that fixed it. After that, "File" -> "Preferences" -> "Library" -> "Scan for New Presets" to let Guitar Rig 7 import the default content. No idea why it crashes on startup, because there are no crash logs. Perhaps it's because Guitar Rig 7 is installed on another disk on my machine?

Hopefully, this temporary fix is useful for people who encounter the exact same error as I did.



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    I'd gone through all the steps in the article "Guitar Rig Crashes at Startup" with no resolution before finding this post. I also had submitted a message to tech support, including generating the support file that was requested by their automated email response. But so far, no response from anyone at NI for two days.

    So, big thanks to aeronmusic for posting this! Editing that registry entry also resolved the launch issue for me.

    edited to note: my audio machine runs Windows 10, unlike the original post title that refers to Windows 11. So, this error and potential resolution seems to affect both current versions of the OS. Guitar Rig still crashes if I attempt to "File" -> "Preferences" -> "Library" -> "Scan for New Presets", so I'll keep waiting to hear from NI Support - hopefully they have some insight into a more complete fix. I can at least tinker with building my own chains, now.

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