Super 8 makes Logic Pro stumble

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I've got the latest version of Super 8 and it sounds really great, but in every track I use it, it makes Logic Pro stumble and sometimes it's even forcing synchronization issues. I've got a M1 Max with 64GB memory, so I doubt it's a performance issue. This happens with Logic Pro 10.7.9 and 10.8, and super 8 2.1.0. Does anyone know, how to fix this?


  • Milos
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    Maybe you should update, refresh or even reinstall the plugins.

    If that is not the issue, then maybe the location folder is.

    Then simply make a custom desktop folder for NI plugins only, then go to the File Management inside NA and change the VST3 location to that desktop folder, and then try to reinstall Super 8.

    Hope it helps.

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    Keep in mind that Super 8 R2 (a.k.a the standalone VST plug-in version) has never received a Silicon compatibility treatment. It was discontinued last year (source) and the focus is back on the Reaktor-dependent version. You may use that one instead.

    A little backstory:

    If you see a Super 8 entry with the version number 1.0.0 inside Native Access, that's the Reaktor one.

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    If my tip can't help, listen to Monochrome instead.

  • lloydt
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    thx, now I understand. So in case I can't replace a sound I'll use the reactor instance as a workaround.

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