I am still unable to access 2.0 Hybrid Keys instruments but the 1.0 version instruments work

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(Error message your version of Kontakt is too old to load this file.) I have kontakt 7.4.2 player which i updated in error because I remember playing it in previous version of kontakt 7 player. So would the solution be to provide older version of kontakt 7 player I don’t remember the versions of k7 player that worked but this would eliminate the problem i assume. I’d also like to buy more VST etc etc but I am afraid they wont work with 7.4.2 version of Kontakt player.

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    You need Kontakt 7.6 and above to be able to load the latest updates of all Play Series titles (due to NKS2 support being added to them, which requires K7.6 and above).

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    So I did a quick search. It seems the issue isn't necessarily the drive per say but rather the BIOS lacks the EFI bootrom... which sounds like they changed from BIOS to UEFI boot mode.

    At anyrate it seems like your only option is to buy or borrow an official mac drive so you can upgrade to Monterey and then after that the firmware will exist in the BIOS and you can swap back in your non-apple SSD.


    Good luck!


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