Sound broken when I connect the VFP3-15 pedal to my S88 Mk2

Elias Eliadis
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When I connect the FATAR-STUDIOLOGIC VFP3-15 pedal to my N.I S88 MK2 keyboard in my Mac (MacOS Monterey 12.7.1 and Logic PRO 10.7 and Cubase 13 PRO), I have these problems.

  1. Only the sustain pedal works (the other two are doing nothing). I used the instructions of Native Instruments on how to setup the pedal(s) in KOMPLETE KONTROL 14.
  2. Before connecting the pedal to the S88 MK2 the sound in logic AND cubase was perfect. After connecting it, the sound became broken and distorted in both DAWS EXCEPT when I loaded libraries from KONTAKT 7 and some other third party VSTIs. Also, when I disconnected the pedals (both plugs) I had NO SOUND whatosever in neither DAW or VSTIs. I had to reconnect the pedals to have the same broken sound and have only KONTAKT 7 sounding OK.
  3. After disconnecting the pedals and erasing the file from my user Library, Preferences section, everything returned to normal sounding in ALL VSTIs both in Logic and Cubase UNTIL I reconnected the pedals (when everything started again with the brokjen sound etc).
  4. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  5. Could there be something faulty either in the FATR VFP, or in my N.I S88 (or both)?


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