Komplete Kontrol 3.0.2 can not drag loops and one-shots into a DAW anymore

Ron Hollander
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Komplete Kontrol 2.9.6 was the latest version in which it was still possible to drag loops and one-shots into a DAW. This feature is not available anymore in versions 3.0.0 and after that. Will this be fixed in future updates of Komplete Kontrol? It looks like this is a bug.

On their website it is mentioned that this is a feature of Komplete Kontrol. This page is also outdated when looking at the screenshots which are taken from a Komplete Kontrol version before 3.0.0.




  • Kymeia
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    It’s not a bug, unfortunately it’s a design decision, but not a good one - many of us have made it clear to NI how this affects user’s workflows and that has been acknowledged by NI so hopefully it will be taken on board

  • Super8boy
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    @Matthew_NI why?

    it makes no sense

  • Kymeia
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    I guess it’s just a consequence of having this switching between the browser and plugin views. That renders drag and drop of samples from the browser into plugins loaded in KK such as Kontakt, Form or Battery, as well as third party plugins, impossible. So they just removed it altogether (or more likely just didn’t see the point of adding it back after the rewrite)

    I gather NI were not aware that many people actually relied on that, based on their clearly unreliable usage data; so I doubt it even was on their radar that some people may also drag and drop externally. It would have been more sensible if NI had actually asked us users first before making these changes based on erroneous assumptions.

  • Matthew_NI
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    In implementing the new browser stack –a continual progression– this was not yet prioritized, and so has not yet been done. That said, it will be (I've committed to this already elsewhere).

    In terms of why it wasn't prioritized ahead of other features: very few people use it in this way. Usage data is not unreliable - that's simply a hard truth.

  • Kymeia
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    We may have to agree to differ here but while data is data, how it is interpreted is not reliable because it depends on what assumptions are being made. For example if say out of 100 KK users only 1 was using the NKS editing and creation features, the numbers may be interpreted to imply ‘very few people are using that feature’ but if that one user is sharing what they create with the other 99 then removing that feature affects all 100 users, not just one.

  • jam97
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    I use a Ableton.

    KK's drug&drop is very very usefull E V E R Y D A Y !!

    I hope too too

    Because NI's Expansions are very good quality!

  • B.Minor
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    KK's drug&drop…

    Yeah, that‘s really a good one!😆

    The first term seems to be the cause, the second the effect…

  • slide_deekay
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    Well, what a shame, I just learned about that feature last week, and now I can't even use it in the latest update. I've had ongoing frustrations about Komplete Kontrol and how odd the user journey is when finding sounds. So, when I finally discovered a great tutorial by Onesto on the NI channel, I could see the benefits and cool workflow of dragging one-shots into a DAW. So this is pushing me away from NI once again...

  • Reefius
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    Every time NI removes a feature from their software, the only excuse they have is 'very few people use it'.

    That excuse is getting old real fast.

  • Kymeia
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    I just think they are drawing false conclusions from the usage data their apps send them. Firstly a lot of people turn that off, especially power users who know how to tweak their software, so they are getting more data from relatively inexperienced users, which completely skews the results.

    Secondly how they interpret that data depends on the underlying assumptions they make about what it means. For example, as I pointed out above, if only one person out of a hundred is using KK edit features to create user NKS, then you could interpret those results to mean not many people are using that function. While that would be literally true on a purely quantitative level, if that user is then sharing their creations with the whole community of users then removing that function would affect the whole community, and this is exactly what we see happening.

    The fact is with complex software it is very often the case that more experienced users are providing resources that benefit the whole community. NI have allowed a superficial quantitative analysis to mislead them regarding the qualitative differences the functions they think ‘few people are using’ make to the whole community.

    Thirdly it’s just daft to subject user data to this sort of simplistic quantitative analysis without actually taking into account real world workflows and use cases. There are many more users who are relatively inexperienced so may not be using all the features KK has, such as drag and drop or NKS editing. But just taking those features away based on the fact that more people don’t use them than do is not only taking them away from the fewer but more experienced users, it is also denying the less experienced users the opportunity to use those features once they have had more experience with KK, learning they often get, once again, with help from the experienced users who are usually happy to share their experience to the benefit of the community. So this quantitative approach to usage data is both misleading and short sighted.

    Luckily I think we have made a powerful enough case for NI to reconsider this, at least we have been told this will be addressed, hopefully not too far off.

  • RobertDorn
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    Do you count the gazillion complaints on this forum about kk v3 also as user data, or isn’t that a hard truth

  • Matthew_NI
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    I think it's natural for users who use the feature to be disappointed it's not yet been brought forward. That doesn't change what I said, though.

  • Gerry Charles
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    nothin' but drama since this new update,- frustrating is an understatement - i had a computer crash, had to get everything wiped ,, they were forced to load Sonoma in-thus began my journey into hell- Komplete Kontrol lags every time it has to open a lovely big picture of the instrument being used-, kontakt now takes forEver to load initially -- i hear about drag & drop, get excited,,- Now This-,, lol everything else getting easier, drag & drop is always a welcomed feature in ANY situation where DaWs are used-- you can fight me all you want on that one but-,, i don't see Any logic behind a decision like that-,

  • Roy V
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    Is there a way to get the Previous installer of Komplete Kontrol ( the prior version).

  • Nathan Green
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    I just made an account here to comment: What the hell Native Instruments. I bought a MK2 S49 a few weeks ago predominantly for it's browse ability. Why on earth do you decide to remove something so basic as drag and drop into your DAW?!?!?! I cannot believe this.

    I just watched your tutorial video on Komplete Kontrol of just 9 months old (can't post the link, but it's 'How to use everything in Komplete Kontrol) where your OWN GUY literally says at 46:54: 'The easiest way to work with loops is to just drag and drop it into your project'. Why in gods name would you remove this feature. I payed top dollar for your keyboard. And expect the software to just work.

    You better get this feature back ASAP.

    For now: Is there a way to downgrade versions?

    EDIT: I found another post with the install file of version 2.9.6 which works flawlessly. I'll be using that until they maybe one day reintroduce drag and drop, and having the browser and plugin on one window (So you can also drag and drop one shots into battery as well as loops in your DAW)

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