How can I get Chord Sets from 61 key MK3 to record and play back properly into Logic?

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I’m having an issue with my Komplete 61 MK3 keyboard while using Logic and was wondering if there’s a workaround or if others are having a similar experience:

Chord sets sound fine when recording into Logic (recording to a track using an instance of Komplete Kontrol). And then when I stop and play back what I’ve just done… it’s a mess. Logic records all the notes from the chords into the piano roll, but the key you press isn’t necessarily in the chord you’re playing because of how the chords are mapped to scales in that mode. And each key is a chord, not a note. I found you have to delete all the notes recorded in the piano roll except for the actual key you played for it to sound right.

Any help would be appreciated.

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