Kontakt 7.7 - preference for double clicking file behaviour

noiseboyuk Member Posts: 10 Newcomer

This behaviour has changed in 7.7 so double clicking an nki replaces the existing instrument, rather than adding to it.

For those working monotimbral, this makes perfect sense. However multitimbral users I think would prefer the old way, to quickly add a rack. Would make most sense to have this as a preference.


  • m_1
    m_1 Member Posts: 3 Newcomer


    I've used Kontakt for many years, & this arbitrary change is annoying.

  • JoelS
    JoelS Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Same here. I fully agree. Please at least add an option to enable the previous behavior for loading multitimbral racks.

  • outlieraud
    outlieraud Member Posts: 4 Newcomer
    edited November 11

    Although I personally work mono-timbrally, I agree 100%. Many people have entire workflows built around dynamically creating multis, some DAWs (i.e. Cubase, Digital Performer, etc) make this the preferred way to work...

    It's silly that this isn't an option anymore. Why someone in development would decide it's a good idea to remove this is just weird. Especially considering how many Kontakt users work in Cubase.

    (Lots of weird choice happening at NI in the past year! 🤬)

  • About Me
    About Me Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    This is a workflow improvement.

    • Instrument selected (orange highlight) = replace
    • Instrument deselected (no orange highlight) = add

    So, there's no need to go menu diving into an 'options' page to choose one way or the other. We have both methods readily available on the interface.

  • noiseboyuk
    noiseboyuk Member Posts: 10 Newcomer

    No that doesn't work. If there's one instrument, how do you deselect it? Come to that, if there's two and you want a third, what do you do?

    Even if there's a way I can't figure out, the chances of me remembering to do that every single time after 15 years of muscle memory when double-clicking just worked are near zero.

    Simple checkbox - job done, for however you like to work.

  • DunedinDragon
    DunedinDragon Member Posts: 204 Advisor

    I checked this out this morning. With only one instrument you simply select in the empty space below the instrument and double clicking will add the next instrument you select rather than replace it.

  • noiseboyuk
    noiseboyuk Member Posts: 10 Newcomer

    Good tip, thanks - but a) it's more clicks b) after 2 instruments there's often no empty space without scrolling so it's even more of a PITA and c) I'm never going to remember to do it.

    Preference, check box, done forever.

  • noiseboyuk
    noiseboyuk Member Posts: 10 Newcomer
    edited November 13

    @Adil_NI - a further suggestion here, as I know you don't want to add a preference to every single possible thing. So instead of adding this as a preference, how about swapping it for a pointless one?

    There is a checkbox for "Double clicking loads instrument". What is the point of having that as a preference? If you don't want double clicking to do anything, don't double click! It's an utterly pointless preference. So since preferences are precious, replace it with a choice that is actually meaningful - "double click opens instrument in next empty slot". The default replaces the active instrument.

  • chillbot
    chillbot Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    This is the worst thing that's ever happened to me.

  • Peter Hintze
    Peter Hintze Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

    +1 this should be a preference

  • Pianist
    Pianist Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
    edited November 20

    I personally - using Kontakt monotimbrally - always hated the old version. Because it ment for me more clicks and since I work as a professional (classical) pianist it always put an extra strain on my tired hands/arms. BUT, I second the opinion, the behaviour should be selectable - after all it is is pretty fundamental change. And for people who are used and like to work the other (old) way this means f.i. more clicks and extra strain for their tired hands/arms.

    How about to make it a mode switchable directly on the UI (tickbox/switch?) Want to work in replacement mode? Tick. Want to work in adding mode? Untick. Hardware connected which cannot deal with adding mode? Automatic tick by the software. And you could visually check that you are in the right mode, before you load new instrument.

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