So is the new S88 MK3 and new software, etc. worth getting... yet...?

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Seems to be A LOT of problems with the new S88 MK3 and the new software, etc...

Is it worth getting... yet...?

And did we ever find out how many different sounds from different software instruments can be played at once - which is supposedly a new feature...?



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    My advice is that if you have the coin to spend and you won't be too upset if you can't use it for production musicmaking just yet, then you could take the plunge.

    But if you're working on any time-critical projects OR if you get stressed easily, then you should wait. There are a certain number of users who end up with brick'd units when they try to update the firmware. And you MUST update the firmware; it's THAT important.

    Whatever you choose to do, you will need to exercise patience. If you buy now, you will need to wait for KK software updates. If you wait, you'll need to wait for those same updates, and ALSO positive reports from the user community. It could be March or April 2024 before you can get your hands on one AND have a great experience with it.

    Having said all of that, I like mine. But I would not be happy if my unit ended up getting brick'd from the firmware, I would not be happy at all. Since I don't know you, I recommend that you wait, and check in on this forum at least 2-3 times each month.

    I hope that helps.

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    If you are a new user without a previous workflow using the original software you may like it, may find it useful, may not have so many issues that others are having. Most of the frustrations are around those of us that have used the software for the last 10 years having it completely changed overnight to a whole new way of working which is (In many users opinions) a step backwards in terms of function and like a kick in the guts having something seemingly ruined that was working mostly just fine, add on top of that missing features from the last software (no Maschine integration, inability to create midi templates, unable to edit tagging, impossible to browse and use an instrument GUI at the same time, no way to select sub banks for libraries anymore......), bugs, slip in performance and stability and general operation issues all pile up to mean it is seen as a pretty flakey and unreliable mess at the moment and unclear what is a potential bug or just missing functionality to be added back in the future.

    That is not to say some out there cannot make it work for them and likely having an MK3 keyboard helps make you feel it is a good update, but based on the amount of feedback the likes of which I have not seen before and overwhelmingly on the negative side, it's not being accepted all that well at time moment so we are kind of holding off for the next major updates (not just bug fixes)

    Personally, I wouldn't buy into a software driven platform until the mood of users shifts more positive.

    And did we ever find out how many different sounds from different software instruments can be played at once - which is supposedly a new feature...?

    Just 1. Sure, you can load Kontakt or a mulli-plugin and load several instruments that way but can still only access the controls and lightguide of the first loaded instrument like always, nothing has changed in that respect.

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